Friday, April 1, 2016

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I'm happy to announce that I'm a proud mother of two boys who play instruments in the school band. This week, my youngest started playing the tenor saxophone. (Yay!!) My eldest, had an earlier start, last year, with the sax horn.

You may already know I play the piano but, all this wind instrument excitement has made me dust off my clarinet. I only took clarinet lessons for a couple of years. However, I do own one, so lately, I've been torturing my family and neighbors playing some fun tunes. Do you play any instruments? 

Here comes mom... Mom thinks you'd enjoy restaurant she can't remember name of right nowHa ha ha ha!

11 Easy bowl recipes that will replace your lunch salad.

How often you should clean your home, according to science. Sorry, but we need to know this...

Beautiful Norway. One week of winter in Lofoten, Norway.

Heyyy America...? It's Ireland. We need to talk. Thank you Whoorl for the link idea. 

Dogs questioning the photographer's sanity. Again, ha ha ha!

4 ways to style a black pencil skirt. I like the idea of a capsule wardrobe. Do you?

Have a beautiful weekend!

P.S. Send me your outfit of the day photos so I can post them on my blog, or go to my Instagram if you want to see some "getting-real" #ootd photos of a school-run mama, usually a bit late, and in a hurry, but you know, that's a mom's life. 

*Painting by Martha Belén (aka my mom)

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