Monday, April 4, 2016

Favorite Shirt and Outfit Talks #ootdeclecticalu

The other day, I wrote about the possibility of all of us sharing our outfits (#ootd) on my blog. There's nothing more to it than having a Monday's series in which we could all show our favorite outfits of the week. Wouldn't it be fun?

I'm calling mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters and anyone that would like to share what they love to wear and why.


On my blog. 


1) To start a real conversation about fashion and explore what we wear, why, and when, in the real world!

2) Because I'd love to get outfit ideas from you, and maybe, you might get ideas from others too. 

3) Because it's just fun!


1) I thought you could send me an e-mail at, with a photo of any #ootd that you love, your name, and blog. If you don't have one, I made these series with you in mind, please send your pic. I'd love to get to know you, and any info you want me to post regarding yourself. If it's just your name, then so be it.

2) Also, tell me why you like it so much, and in what occasions you usually wear this specific "beauty uniform".

3) Be sure to use the following hashtag so we can connect there as well, through twitter,  Instagram, and YouTube : #ootd@eclecticalu 

Here's one of my #ootd@eclecticalu

My happy uniform.

I love wearing this shirt at the beginning of fall and spring. It's warm enough for when winter and spring meet, but also cool enough to keep me comfortable during warmer days. Plus, red and blue apparently make me happy, just look at that face, ha ha! I always pair it with jeans, which ups the levels of coziness.

I'm guilty of wearing it two days in a row, and I'm always a bit sad to part with it, whenever I have to change (and wash) my fall and spring "uniform"! 

I really enjoy outfits like this one, that allow free movement, and feel soft and comfy. 

What's your favorite outfit or uniform? Do you like to dress up? I do, occasionally. Do you have any favorite combinations, textures, colors? Tell me about them! 

Please use the hashtag #ootd@eclecticalu so I can see your #ootd and if you like, send me a pic, it would be fun to feature it on my blog!

P.S. The story behind my "boyfriend jeans".


Kay said...

Really loving this outfit on you, hun, red and blue look so gorgeous on you! <3 I'm not much of a fashion person myself, but my go-to outfit would probably involve one of my Victoria's Secret hoodies (they are always so cute and really comfy) and leggings. :) <3 Thanks for sharing, dear!


Eclecticalu blogspot said...

Thank you, you are so sweet! And thank you for sharing that Kay. Soft hoodies are the best!