Thursday, April 7, 2016

Video: A Few Thoughts on Spring. Is It Spring Where You Live?

I know I shouldn't say I don't like Summer that much, (people don't usually like that...hush! hush!!) but that's the truth and nothing but the truth! 

On occasions, I love going to a white-sand-emerald-colored-water kind of beach, preferably to an all inclusive hotel, but Summer and work, to me, they don't match. Call me politically incorrect, but that's how it is for me.

Spring? I love it, with its mild temperatures and flowers springing everywhere. The thing about Spring is that it reminds me of Summer (here comes the neurotic in me) and sometimes Summer, can be overwhelmingly hot and humid. 

This month, the blog is experiencing some changes regarding scheduling and content. You see, apparently I'm sticking to Vlogging Every Day in April, so I will be sharing some of these videos, in between posts. 

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What's your favorite season and why? Is it Spring where you live? 


Darriyan Cateland said...

It is almost spring here in the UK! We're still getting a bit of bad weather! My fav season is definitely winter!!

Darriyan xx |

Eclecticalu blogspot said...

Yes!!! Finally, there's somebody else (apart from me) that prefers winter!! Thank you so much, my fellow winter lover!!