Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What do you love about Mondays? / #SSSVEDA / VLOG

Hello! As you may already know, I'm trying to keep up with VEDA : Vlog Every Day in April. I've been practicing my English speaking skills almost every day. If you'd like to join in you may here !

The last two questions on the agenda were. 

1) What is something you LOVE about Mondays?

2) Tell us about your family and kids.

Of course I wasn't able to stick to only those two questions, and rambled on and on about the blog, our Outfit Talks, the ripple effects of Yoga,  and more specifically, Yoga with Adriene. 

Well, I hope you bear with me this month, until I return to normal Blog scheduling.

Thank you! See you soon! (Because VEDA) :)

P.S. How do you feel about me posting this short videos on the blog? I'd really, really, really like to know how you feel about that.


Ana said...

Nice video :) I have been following your blog for a while, it is refreshing and gives me a feeling of connection with people in different countries that have similar interests and lifestyle. I am also a blogger, with paleo/gluten free recipes on my blog (it is in Croatian, but check it out, if you would like to try some recipes, I can translate them for you), yogini, mother...keep up the great work! xxx

Eclecticalu blogspot said...

Aww...than you so much!!! Your support means a lot to me. Thanks!!!


P.S. I'm checking out your blog in 5...4...3...2..