Tuesday, May 31, 2016

5 Products I Must Buy Every Time I Go To The U.S.

Whenever I travel to the U.S. I make a point of not leaving the land of the free without "my precious" 5 (yes, I turn into Gollum when this happens, but I really do need them, OK?).

1. The Healthy Deodorant

Lavanila the Healthy Deodorant. Ever since Makeup by TiffanyD mentioned it, I knew I was going to like it, and I did! It's the only deodorant I wear. 

Have you tried this one? It's mild, but effective, and smells sooo nice. My favorite is Pure Vanilla. The fact that it doesn't contain aluminium makes me feel like I'm giving my armpits the good treatment they deserve *pats back*. 

2. The Dry Skin Savior

That's right, it saved my skin, that's how I call my, oh so silky, Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion. (I can't believe I've already finished my last bottle...) I credit this product for relieving my itchy, dry skin, and for aiding with my eczema healing process. Click here for a full Skin MD lotion description and why I consider it a priority.  

Seriously, this is the best, non-greasy lotion for dry skin. Even if you don't have dry skin I would also recommend it. It's so light weight, and quickly absorbing that I'd bet it's great for every skin type.

3. The Body Butter

The Body Shop's Almond Body Butter. Have you smelled this one? It has the most delicious almond scent. Plus, The Body Shop's ethical standards make it a win-win purchase. The Gollum in me feels like it's a justified purchase.

4. The Jeans

Sometimes I get them at Gap, sometimes at Target (the best store ever!). The endless possibilities of styles and lengths in the US agree with my body features greatly!

Last time we traveled, it was a tie between Mossimo's High Rise Flare and Gap's Premium Flare. These last ones by Gap are "Jello" to me. (In case you don't have a clue what I'm talking about, it's...another movie, "My Best Friend's Wedding"...annnywayyys....) 

One more thing, if you have a favorite, go-to style of jeans, please let me know in the comments so I can explore the option. Fingers crossed, next time I fly north I will be able to get them! Thanks!

5. The Nail Polish 

Ahh, this part is the most impulsive but gratifying! OPI polishes are available here but there's not a huge selection to choose from. Essie is almost impossible to get, so I know you understand my excitement when I see a Wallgreens, Ulta, or a CVS Pharmacy.

That's not the case for my 2 boys and husband, who can only anticipate extreme boredom whenever that happens, and attempt to say "Oh no, not again!!" at the sight of said stores. Oh well, I do go to Best Buy with them a lot too, you know?

What are your must-have products?

P.S. My YouTube Driven Purchases and French Pharmacy for Kids and Moms

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