Friday, May 13, 2016

My Homemade Cleaning Recipe With White Vinegar

Hello sweetie pies! I'm back with my absolute favorite DIY cleaner.

Back when my boys were toddlers, I started searching for powerful disinfectants, with fewer chemicals. I wanted to keep my floors, bathrooms, and surfaces, as clean as possible. (Hello mom central!). Soon enough, I found this recipe in a UK website, which I cannot remember the name of, and I've been using it ever since. 

If you worry about "the new smell of clean" - aka, vinegar - don't. It vanishes fairly quickly, in less than a minute, and leaves your home deodorized, but with a clean smell. My kitchen ends up smelling like a laboratory or even an operating room, if you will...

One thing, though. Always open your windows for ventilation whenever you use this product. It's more powerful, as a disinfectant, than bleach alone! And don't smell it directly. 

Having said that, I've been washing bacteria away for years with this low cost cleaning recipe, and many of my friends and family have fallen prey to its benefits as well.

I hope you find this useful and please, please, let me know if you try this. Also, do you know of any other cleaning recipes?

Thank you for reading and happy cleaning!


P.S. White Vinegar, The New Smell Of Clean, 2 Ways!

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