Tuesday, August 30, 2016

When the Stars Align: Yoga and Life

Ever since the absolutely lovable, gorgeous, and smart (yes, I'm a complete fan) Anna Gardner -pictured above- behind The Anna Edit, recommended Adriene Mishler -pictured below- the beautiful voice, face, body, and soul (again, a fan) at Yoga with Adriene, my own well-being was destined to improve.

The way I see it, things tend to happen, most likely than not, for a reason.

I was barely withstanding my 3 times a week at the gym, doing power pump classes, writing posts like this one (ahem...yes...) and this one, when I came across Anna's blog post.  She was recovering from an injury,*stars aligning #1*,  so she was doing a lot of yoga, *stars aligning #2*, not just any yoga, but Adriene's yoga *stars aligning #3*.

When I read Anna's inspiring blog post I knew I had to find Adriene, I also knew that I would like her as well. After all, Anna is the ultimate enabler, but for all the right reasons. 

When I saw Adriene in action, I realized she was the answer to my prayers. Free yoga lessons galore! Most importantly, yoga lessons that I would actually like and want to follow on a daily basis. Yay!

I told you guys about Adriene, many times. But in case you missed previous blog posts, I'll sum it up for you: she... is basically magical, yep. Adriene's soothing voice combined with her "easy breezy" sense of humor, and out of this world teaching skills constitute this unique Yoga guide, called Adriene Mishler (did you know she is also an actress?).

One more alignment of the stars and I'm done...

This past weekend, I experienced headaches on repeat. It was one of those weekends when Ibuprofen saved my boys from dining daddy's rice three nights in a row. (However, I must say, today he made this salad, lucky me!).

So, yesterday, I did my usual yoga class, this time, it was Day 21 - Joyful Home Practice - 30 Days Of Yoga LOVED IT, again, as usual. When the class ended and I was enjoying my delicious Savasana (corpse pose), next video up on the play list started automatically, and it was, little did I know, Yoga for Headaches, *stars aligning #4*. Another genius video by this sweet Yoga Teacher.

Here's the video in case you ever need it.

Through yoga, and through Adriene, I'm learning to apply mindfulness to the every day, the power of consistency, and breathing, but most of all, I'm learning to trust the process, trust the unfolding of events in life, which in my case means less anxiety.

This video playing by itself, teaching how to prevent headaches, exactly at that specific moment, corroborates what I've been experiencing through yoga.  Find what serves you (#findwhatfeelsgood) and stick to it, then watch events unravel. Sometimes when you put your two cents, and the stars align, every thing tends to sort itself out.

As Adriene says..."Trust, my friend, trust!"

Thank you Anna and thank you Adriene

Psst! One last thing..in case you are new to Snapchat, or you don't already follow Anna over there, you are in for a treat @theannaedit 

P.S. Yoga My Feel Good Workout

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