Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Outfit Conversations:#15daysofdresses-Week 1

I spent the past week wearing dresses and skirts and updating the outfits on my Instagram account under the hashtag #15daysofdresses. 

It's been very hot and summery here so I was very grateful for my skirts and dresses during the first week. 

However, I must say that by now, day 10, I've had enough of the no pants life. I need my jeans back! Only 5 more days to go.

The first dress, I think, is the one you wear when you don't know exactly what to wear but you still need to be comfortable and look presentable.

The second one requires more commitment. This is not a comfortable dress to wear but it looks so good with matching flats and bag that the high maintenance side of it is worth a muffin-less day. 

On the other, hand this one is my favorite. It's loose and free! Muffins, banana bread and any kind of delicious food is allowed while wearing it!

Day 4 was a chilly one, so I was able to pair this red and white dress with my 
jean jacket. 

Day 5, happy Friday. This black and white skirt can be dressed up or down. In this case, I dressed it down with a Gap tee and Merrel shoes for extra comfort. I will be dressing it up soon on my Instagram, stay tuned!

Saturday ended up being a pool day so this bathing suit cover up saved the day. My favorite wash and wear kind of dress. Plus the colors of the pattern match my pool, ha ha!

The weekend was spent by the pool, as you can see. The next day I wore my 6-pocket skirt which doubles as a bathing suit cover up and, as a going-out-for-groceries-kind-of skirt. It's a win win. More on that later.

What is your favorite thing about summer? What type of dresses do you like to wear?

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