Monday, July 31, 2017

My Idea Of Fun Involves Nail Polish

I've been known for my obsession inclination towards nail polish. Let's be honest here, basically my eyes go straight to a nicely manicured hand whenever I spot one. 

When it comes to fashion and beauty, that's one of the first things I notice in women, even before makeup or clothes! Having said that, my nails are not always well groomed, (not even close) but I do try...

Some of my favorites: 

Apparently this is what I choose to do when the opportunity to enjoy a free afternoon knocks on my door. 

  1. Film a video
  2. Organize my nail polish box.

The result is in the following video

What's your favorite color?

P.S. Favorite Nail Polish Picks, & Malbec Nails 

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