Saturday, January 27, 2018

Excited About the SELF CARE Movement

Hi! I'm still here, in Buenos Aires. We leave in a few days for Europe. 

Apparently, I can't stop writing these days, so here's another post. Maybe it's the idea of knowing that I won't be able to write on my blog for a while. But who knows. Maybe I'll figure out a way while I'm traveling around Europe, so don't think that you'll be getting rid of me that easily.

I posted this picture on Instagram a while ago. It's by Rubytec, a young woman that amazes me. I find her work very inspiring, fun, and true. 

The idea of worrying less and doing less sounds like water in the desert to me, because lately, I've been feeling that we are full of to do lists, and goals, and things we must do, things we should do in order to look a certain way or be a certain way. 

To be healthier, with less fat, less sugar, less (fill in the blank _____), or more muscle, more (fill in the blank _____). For what? For whom? What about what Icould do to take care of me, as a whole person? Brain, spirit, and all!

I think we can work hard towards a goal but we don't need to perish in the attempt. I believe that it's ok to let go of self imposed unattainable high standards. Be healthy, but really healthy, mind and all. Otherwise, I fear we could get lost in the search for that which is not us. Could I interest you in working hard to enjoy the process? 

*watch the video on YouTube here

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