Tuesday, January 23, 2018

My Live Interview & Comfort Zone Challenges.

Around less than one year ago, Keith, at eaglevp on YouTube commented in one of  my videos that he wanted to interview me. 

At the time I panicked to be honest. I didn't know what to do about it. Live video was something completely new to me and didn't know how to proceed, what to do! Should I have special equipment, how, when, what apps to download. Would I have the guts to do it?

My anxiety about this was finding every excuse not to do the interview. Until one day I thought, what's the worse that could happen? So I took the plunge...

A few minutes after uploading the video featured above we started the live video on Keith's channel.

Let me just say that it was way easier than expected and on top of that it was SO MUCH FUN. So, you know how everybody always says things like "try things out of your comfort zone" ? Well, guess what? Do try things out of your comfort zone. Good things will come from it.

I'd love to thank Keith for being so persistent in his goal to interview me because not only did I do my first live interview today, but also, I uploaded the video above from my phone without editing. Wohoo! Also my first time doing that. 

The interview ended up being quite nice and I talked a lot about my plans for the near future. Please it here (or below)...

Thank you for reading, watching, and being such a fundamental part of this blog. Your comments and suggestions mean the world to me!


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