Friday, March 30, 2018

Meeting My Internet Friend for the First Time in London

When I started writing this blog I never thought I would start a YouTube Channel, and I also never thought that this channel would bring me so much joy. 

I "met" through the internet so many nice, warm, down to earth, and amazing people. I never imagined that one day I would actually meet one of them in person. Gail is everything I thought she would be and more. She is exactly as seen on her YouTube channel, bright, fun, a positive, upbeat lovely person. 

We went for a long walk in which she showed me places that are usually under the radar for tourists but are very well known by Londoners. We stopped for tea twice, in a matter of a few hours! That was definitely my kind of afternoon.

There's also a particular H&M sweater that I attempt to show you in this video. So cozy and warm! And at an excellent price.

London...What a city!

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