Friday, March 16, 2018

Travel Skincare Routine in Rome

*My super comfy travel outfit...

Here's my first European Vacation post! This trip was exactly what the Doctor ordered and what my soul needed! I had the best time there! 

I'm forever grateful for having the opportunity to spend the month of February visiting vibrant Europe.

Today I'm including my Rome vlog which has A LOT of skincare in it. 

Have you ever tried this Kiehl's mask? I tested it while in Rome, and made my skin look so much better, I thought it made a difference at the time but going through the footage when I was editing really reminded me how much it made my skin glow  * mental note, apply mask tonight*

As promised in the vlog below here's a wide pic of the Vatican.

What an amazing place. 

* The Colosseum 

*Alitalia deserves another blog post. What a nice airline.Great service!

Pizza was delicious of course, but look at that Trevi Fountain...

I would really need to write a longer post to fully show you how much I enjoyed this City. For now, I will let my vlog do the talking. Hope you like it!


P.S. Have you ever been to Rome? What was your favorite memory there?

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