Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Paris Vlog & L'Occitane Toiletries

Oh Paris, where to begin... As seen on my Instagram I loved Paris, I mean, who wouldn't right? Rain, cold, and all, we felt like at home! Maybe it's because it has so many similarities with Buenos Aires. 

Or maybe it was the food, its people, the chic language, the monuments, the history, maybe all of it together in such a spirit elevating place. Plus, my boys just make me laugh so much. Exhibit A above.

On top of everything else, my hotel had L'Occitane en Provence...

That was the moment I realized the hotel carried L'Occitane toiletries. What?! Verbena everything! So nice...

I also continued with my handbag research (cough, cough) in Lafayette Galeries where I managed to take a pic of the most amazing bag! 

This handbag looks like a cross between a toy and a candy, doesn't it? Ten year old Alu would have loved to carry this one. Although the price would have made it completely impossible! 

I also filmed the artist that paints Dolce & Gabanna leather accessories by hand! It's in the vlog, have a look!

P.S. London Vlog and London Blog Post 

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