Sunday, April 22, 2018

Where I live

My Canadian friend, Shannon, created a tag video with the following 10 personal questions:

  • 1) What's your favorite thing about where you live?
  • 2) Who in your life inspires you the most?
  • 4) What's the one thing you wish you could tell your teenage self?
  • 3) What are you afraid of?
  • 6) How do you relax and de-stress?
  • 5) What's something people would be surprised to learn about you?
  • 7) Why do you love makeup?
  • 9)Tell us a favorite childhood memory
  • 8) Who is the first YouTuber you can remember watching?
  • 10) What's your favorite book (or if you're not a reader - movie!)

Apart from really enjoying talking about myself for a few minutes (ha!), I loved the comments in the video. Some people actually enjoyed learning more personal things about me. Who knew! 

I also learned that what I enjoy the most about where I live is being able to listen to birds singing, being surrounded by trees and having the option of going to the latest theater play, or even go to see a movie, whenever I feel like it.

This was very therapeutic!

P.S. I have a question for you! Who is the first YouTuber YOU can remember watching? Let me know in the comments here, please? I'm so curious to know!

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