Monday, June 29, 2015

Malbec Nails

"Malbec", as in Argentine Malbec wine, which happens to be the perfect color for our nails. Rimmel London captured this shade to a tee. 

If you are looking for a very dark red, elegant, chic, and perfectly wearable polish, look no more! This is it! It's another nail polish classic, especially for fall and winter, although it looks great year round. 

Rimmel London Lycra Pro, professional finish, 394 Red Award is my standard go-to and absolute favorite "Malbec" nail polish color.

If you are in the US you can also find it at Walmart for $2. The bottle comes with a precise brush that helps a lot with application. Whenever I use this brush I rarely find myself cleaning mistakes. 

Although it says "up to 10 days", I can only wear it for 4 days in perfect conditions, without chipping, after that, I have to remove it, which is fine. I'll take it anyways, 4 days with this gorgeous color on my nails sounds good to me!

The following are other similar options. Be warned, they are different and more expensive. Very pretty, but not the same to the one and only Rimmel London one! 

Mrs. Olearys bbq is the closest in color, only lighter. The other one is Lincoln Park After Midnight, which is darker and it has more purple in it, but very beautiful...

Which one is your favorite? Do you have a color that you go back to every year? Which one is it? Let me know! I'm taking notes here! Thanks!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Well Kept Secret About Being a Mom

Whenever I meet up with other mom friends we end long conversations about our kids with a -you know what...?-moment, followed by two questions:

 " How can it be that it's so difficult to be a mom?"

And more importantly...

" Why didn't anybody tell us it was going to be so incredibly hard to be a mother?"

And I mean nobody.  At least, give us a warning. " Hey, are you planning on starting a family? OK, beware it can be excruciatingly hard and you will suffer physical pain, as well as psychological discomfort, such as guilt, anger, frustration, etc." There should be a warning, a label of some sort, somewhere, specifying details about it.

But then again, just after we say out loud these thoughts, we realize that being a mom is still worth it. It is the hardest job on earth but one little smile from our babies can revert, in a fraction of a second, the damage done by sleepless nights or showers not taken.

We realize that this is why neither our moms, nor our grandmothers told us about it. Being a mother is worth the excruciating pains and the psychological damage! (Am I exaggerating this a little? Scratch "excruciating" then) We love this little creatures so unimaginably much that there's absolutely no point in letting a new mom know about the difficulties of being a mother. It is all worth it.

Later on, when kids grow up, it will be an anecdote, a rite of passage, something that you necessarily have to go through, in order to have the right to call yourself a superhero, or more specifically, a mom.

I'm convinced, after 10 years of being a mom, that it's best practice to keep this secret.

Whenever you see a pregnant woman, simply smile and ask how far along are you?, or Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?, or How happy you must be to be starting your own family!

Avoid bursting into a big "Muahahaha" or  any type of comments that may lead the new mom to suspicion. Smile, and carry on. Just like our moms and grandmas did. 

What do you think? It's a secret worth keeping, right?

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Try This Before Popping Ibuprofen.

Have  you ever heard that sometimes headaches may be due to dehydration and/or lack of fresh air? 

A few days back, I found myself with a headache. I went for it and started drinking water. I also opened the window to let the fresh air in. It worked like magic. The headache vanished in minutes.

After the second glass of water I started to doubt my self-awareness skills. How could I have missed the thirst? I wasn't feeling particularly thirsty at that moment. But somehow, after having the first glass of water, it wasn't enough just yet, and kept drinking until I felt like I didn't need more. 

I'm known for popping Ibuprofen at the first signs of a headache but next time I sense the beginnings of a headache I'll be throwing in this trick for good measure. 

Have you tried this before?

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Thought on What Dads Want For Father's day

Last weekend I asked the following question to the fathers in my family - that is my husband, my own dad, and my brother - "What would you like to receive as a gift for father's day?"

The answer has a common denominator. They always start with wanting us, gift buyers, to not bother at all. It's very interesting and funny how each and everyone of them expressed the same in their own unique way.

My husband said very clearly: "Nothing, I have everything I need, really." My dad, knowing that I wouldn't go for the "nothing strategy" and that I would be getting him something anyway, made it extremely easy for me and said, "Wine" (at which we all laughed a little, admiring his quick response and very accurate idea of what he wanted). Finally, my brother, also made it extremely easy when he said: "Anything is fine" .

I came to the conclusion that they are either, very content with what they have, or they are just easy going guys, with very low expectations in the gift department! Even more, I'm seriously suspecting that what they really want is to maybe share a nice meal and enjoy a bit of the day with us, that's all.

So, when it comes to gift purchasing, don't worry about it, apparently anything goes!

Is your father like this as well?  Do you get these type of answers or completely different ones?

By the way, one answer included an option that you may find useful in case you really need ideas for father's day: A book called The Martian, by Andy Weir, which my husband is reading currently and seems to be a very good one.

Happy Father's Day this Sunday!! And for all of us, lucky ones that still have them around, I hope you can get to spend some precious time with them, which is what these holidays are all about, right?

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Grey Nails for Spring, Fall, Winter and Summer.

I recently went to the drugstore and got a new grey, Greige, by Sally Hansen. It's a beautiful grey with some beige in it, if you look closely. I wore it this week (crazy week I should say, 24 hour blackout included) and it was very easy to pair with all of my clothes. When in doubt reach for grey! It's the kind of color you forget you are wearing, it's easy going and subdued but elegant and right there. You can clearly see it but it's not in your face.

After wearing it for a couple of days I realized it was a Spring trend as well. It's fall here, but I saw lots of spring hands with grey on it all over the internet and on Instagram. Here's looking at you UK and US girls!

I am very interested in your opinion on this. Do you like this nail trend for Spring? Is there a nail color that you like to wear all year round? Which one is it? What's your favorite grey? 

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Friday, June 5, 2015

How to Fold Socks - This is THE BEST way to do it!

The chaos and clutter (before).

Ahh...orderliness and harmony (after)

How? It´s surprisingly easy! First, place your socks like so.

Then, fold socks in half.  :)

Fold them again.

This is what the socks end up looking in the drawer. 

I'm definitely not going back to the "before mess". This is easy to maintain and it saves a ton of space. Before, I could barely fit all the socks in a drawer. Whereas now, I have extra space.

I completely got this idea from Melissa Maker at She recently made a couple of videos about different folding techniques that have enlightened me on how to save space and gain tidiness. Their YouTube channel is the kind of channel that adds value every time they publish a video. I said "their channel" because her husband, Chad Reynolds, is behind the camera, by the way, his Instagram pics are funny and unique.

In addition, I'd been reading "The life changing magic of tidying up" by Marie Kondo which explains the Japanese art of decluttering so, these two events coming together prompted this post. 

Do you know of any other methods of folding? Please let me know in the comments! And, have you read the book? I haven't finished it yet but I think it's a good one. 

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

How to Make Hummus

Easy as pie...even easier. 

Place the following ingredients into a food processor.

2 cups of rinsed and drained chickpeas (canned or previously boiled)
1/2 teaspoon of salt
the juice of one lemon
2 Tablespoons of olive oil
2 teaspoons of tahini ( a sesame seed paste )
1 cup of water
1/2 garlic clove chopped

Process until creamy. Done! 

You can add spices to the mixture, however, this basic recipe is how I make it for me. Hummus is not a favorite among other members of my family but I really like it as a healthy snack. The downside is that I end up eating the whole thing myself during the course of a week or less. 

It's the perfect dip with carrots, celery, roasted tomatoes or with other raw vegetables. It goes well with meats and you can also spread it over toast or just a slice of bread. Hummus with nachos is a winner though.

I recently posted on Instagram  a short video of this quick process of making hummus, if you are up for a time lapse kind of adventure. 

Do you like hummus? 

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Lotion That Helps Skin Heal Itself.

Two years ago, back when we were planning one of our many trips to the U.S. I was suffering from eczema on my hands. To make things even worse, I suddenly developed a full body rash, 5 days prior to flying to Atlanta, where we would start our vacation. 

At this point, I didn't have the Skin Md Lotion with me. I had already purchased it online, but had it delivered to our friends' house in Atlanta. So, I was trying to cope with this horrible skin issue by testing different creams and lotions that just weren't helping at all. 

Finally, by the time we got to the U.S. I slapped it all over my face first. I don't think I can describe accurately the relief I felt when I started using it. It stopped the itch instantly. The redness progressively dissipated the more I used it and my skin was, at last, moisturized. However, after a week of consistently applying this lotion all over, my skin went back to normal and didn't need to reapply as often any more.

My point is that Skin MD is the real deal. It helps your skin keep moisture inside naturally. 

Here are 7 reasons why I always make sure to buy enough for 2 years whenever I travel to the U.S. (However, during my last trip this January I only got a small one because my skin was doing so well and didn't need it as much anymore--I regret this decision, of course--now I have an almost empty small 4 oz bottle...)

1) It has natural ingredients in it. Aloe and Chamomile, to name a couple, that treat inflammation and are also perfect for calming itchy skin.

2) It 's a Non-Greasy Shielding Lotion. It really is non-greasy and it creates an antimicrobial barrier that keeps moisture in the skin so that the skin can heal itself. It prevents eczema and other conditions from developing because this barrier protects you from everyday irritants.

3) Overtime you don't need to apply as often

4) Skin is silky after use for longer periods of time because it doesn't wash off easily. Apparently this lotion bonds the outer layer of skin preventing irritants from getting into the lower layers of the skin.

5) You need a small amount and it smells nice and clean. The scent 

wears off in less than a minute. 

6) The company that manufactures it uses 100% solar energy! Made in America...You gotta love the U.S.A.

7) It's the only one that worked on my dry itchy skin.

How I got rid of eczema on my hands is a whole different story. This lotion helps prevent it. I go to it whenever I feel my skin is starting to go the itchy, dry path. 

The one with SPF is OK but not my favorite. I use it during winter but I prefer to use sunscreens with higher SPF plus it smells more like sunscreen. Are you one of those people that like sunscreen scents? I know a few...

I wanted to share this in case you are going through similar very difficult skin issues. Have you ever tried Skin MD lotions? 

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