Sunday, June 17, 2018

Lessons Learned From an Empties Video

I never thought the day would come when I wouldn't like a Lancome product. Who knew. Energie de Vie smells actually energizing, with a citrus, and chic scent, but still...I wear it, and see nothing, feel nothing. It's like applying water with a tiny bit of moisture and a very cool scent. That's it. 

Have you tried this "Antioxidant and anti fatigue liquid care" ? If you like it let me know how this works and how you use it please? Thank you! 

I don't really see any benefits on my skin from using it. And I don't think the money was well spent here. Luckily it came in one of those Christmas boxes, practically for free so that's good. 

In other news, if you are into Mantras (yes... there's one inspired by the shirt I'm wearing below) you may enjoy this video. 

I think that empties videos can actually be very useful because it's almost like a reality check for good and bad products. Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Healing From Emotionally Abusive Relationships & Wellbeing Tips

To prove that we shouldn't underestimate the power of a good dish washing 
session, I came up, while dedicating myself to this daily duty, with 4 tips that will help you move forward in your healing journey. This can also be applied to anybody that could benefit from diving into the benefits of well being.  

The 4 tips I mention in this video are:

1. Friends and Family
2. Therapy
3. Self Care
4. Learn as much as you can about toxic people and their behaviors.

What I didn't mention in the video is that by "I do yoga" I really mean "I do yoga with Adriene's videos like a fanatic person" I do yoga every time I feel off or unbalanced and I also go out for walks or bike rides in nature (see pic above, I do have a thing for bridges too, but that's a different story). I truly believe those two activities have played a huge role in my overall wellbeing. 

Do you have any wellbeing tips? Let me know! 


Sunday, June 10, 2018

5 of my Argentinian Food Recipes

If you check out the Food section of this blog you will see that I'm a bit of a foodie, and enjoy food a lot! I have a few videos and blog posts on the subject, and today I'm talking about Argentine Empanadas

Dulce de Leche,


and a special spinach tart that kids love.

I also talk about a mouth watering cheese platter that combines fruits, honey and different cheeses, that is a savior kind of a deal when it comes to having people over.

 In this video I explain how I feel about these foods over a delicious cup of coffee with milk ( cafe con leche) and cookies, of course. 

Have you ever tried Empanadas? What about Dulce de Leche? 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Emotional Manipulation Tactics Series: Guilt Tripping, Shaming & Projecting the Blame

Just a short message saying that this may be the last video on abusive tactics. Next, let's focus on things to do about this.

If someone comes to you with these sorts of behaviors, if you can, run! If not, do not tolerate this, you just can't deal with these people, or change them!

Next, I will be sharing a few ideas I've had lately on dealing with all this. For now, let's be aware. Awareness is a huge first step.

P.S. More on this series: How to Identify Narcissistic Emotional PredatorsPlaying The Victim Role, Denial or a Simple Case of Lying.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Taking Selfies Doesn't Make You a Narcissist - WORLD NARCISSISTIC ABUSE AWARENESS DAY

Today is World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day (WNAAD) and I filmed a video that I've had on my mind for a long time. "Taking Selfies Doesn't Make You a Narcissist". 

There are 9 personality traits that serve as a guide for Counselors and Therapists to diagnose this disease. Let me be very clear. Taking selfies is not one of them. It is not even an indicator in an of itself. Does it suggest grandiosity? It could, but does it suggest mind games, emotional and sometimes physical abuse, emotional manipulation, projection, lying, and lack of empathy? I don't think so.

A person with Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) can damage others terribly. It is rarely treated because, by definition, it's practically impossible. So, what do we need to do? Focus on prevention and effective treatment for the victims of abuse. 

Therapists and survivors all over the world are joining together today, June 1st, to raise awareness about this, and to provide free tools for both, survivors, and professionals. 

WNAAD says:

While many mental health professionals have an understanding of the definition of narcissism, few truly understand what it does to the victim of the abuse.

Narcissistic abuse can cause mental, cognitive and physical health issues for victims, which can last for years after they escape an abusive relationship. Many victims develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or complex PTSD and the road to recovery is long and difficult.

In today's video I explain why taking selfies doesn't make you a Narcissist, and invite you to learn about the ways you can protect yourself from emotionally abusive people.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Emotional Manipulation Tactics Series - Denial: A Simple Case Of Lying

I'm approaching the end of the emotional manipulation tactics series but I still have, at least, one more video explaining how the passive aggressive person attempts to control others.

I will keep diving into how to cope and ways of healing from a Narcissistic / Psychopathic Abusive relationship after most ( there are a lot!) of the tactics are explained. 

I believe that by learning these tactics we will be better equipped to recognize what is going on if we ever stumble upon emotionally abusive people. 

It's not easy to see in the moment, but later analysis will help the truth prevail, at least you will be able to make sense out of the gaslighting effect, if by any chance, you happen to be going through a situation like this.

In this video I explain: Denial, Lying by Omission and Lying by Distortion. 

I hope you find this helpful!

Monday, May 28, 2018

A little MAC Haul

And little it is! This is my whole collection. And since it is...oh so pretty, I thought I'd film a fun video about it. But I recently got: 

  • Velvet Teddy  Lipstick
  • Jubilee Lipstick
  • Saddle Eye shadow

I'm really into brick, peachy, earthy tones at the moment. It's fall here in Buenos Aires, so you know how that goes. The colors match my favorite season and its beautiful reds and browns leaves. Just look at those eye shadows below...

The one on the left is Brown Script and the one on the right is Saddle. I know these have been around for a while but wow. Well done MAC.

Please would you let me know what your favorite peachy eye shadow is? Thank you so much, I'm on the hunt!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Unexpected Facts About Motherhood in Argentina

I wrote a blog post called 6 Unexpected Facts About Motherhood in Argentina a few years ago and I thought I would make a video about it. So here it is! 

Please let me know if you are writing about this or leave me a comment with unexpected facts about your country. I'm just so curious about this kind of things!

Thank you!