Thursday, May 24, 2018

Unexpected Facts About Motherhood in Argentina

I wrote a blog post called 6 Unexpected Facts About Motherhood in Argentina a few years ago and I thought I would make a video about it. So here it is! 

Please let me know if you are writing about this or leave me a comment with unexpected facts about your country. I'm just so curious about this kind of things!

Thank you!


Friday, May 18, 2018

Emotional Manipulation Tactics Series - Playing The Victim Role

Playing The Victim Role and Vilifying The Victim are two manipulation tactics frequently used together.

In these series of videos about Narcissistic and Emotional Abusive People we are learning how to deal with, and recognize these individuals. 

I'm interested in reaching everybody that finds this interesting, and also people that are currently going through this type of abuse and may not be aware yet, or may not know how to make sense of what is happening to them. 

If you know of somebody that might be experiencing this, feel free to share my content. 

I'm uploading one video per week to bring awareness about this damaging mental health epidemic.

As a Master of Science in Professional Counseling I feel the need to reach as many people as I can in order to bring hope and reassurance. If you are going through this, let me say that you will be able to make sense of what's happening and will finally be able to understand these dynamics once you start empowering yourself through getting the information you need.

Neurosurgeon, rocket scientist, baker, or teacher, this can happen to anybody, and I believe that learning about this type of disordered people is the first step to healing.    

I hope you find this video helpful and empowering! 

P.S. More on this here and here and here

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Marc Jacobs Cream & Sugar Trio

I filmed a GRWM / Makeup Of The Week little video but, let's just cut to the chase and talk about Cream & Sugar for a moment. 

What a lip combo! I was surprised by the chicness of it all! The packaging, the creaminess, the beautiful-ness, ha! It looks amazing on, plus it feels so nice on the lips. It took me by surprise, I wasn't aware of the jewel I had waiting for me in my makeup drawer! If you like nudes you will need this one. 

Also, Avene's Tinted Mineral Fluid is a keeper. It's SPF 50 and it has a velvety finish while leaving your skin completely hydrated. Definitely another favorite.

Oh! And in this video there's a little secret I re-discovered to keep my hair humidity proof. 


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Projection: " it's not me, it's you"

Have you ever received an accusation that was so far fetched that you thought it was completely crazy, so far from how you feel?

If you did, I'm pretty sure it was somebody else's projection.

In this video I explain what projection is and how this unconscious defense mechanism that we all have, enhances to toxic levels in emotionally abusive people and relationships.

Friday, May 4, 2018

YouTube Channel and Blog Update

This month I've decided to change the format of my Favorites video. I've been very much into well being, and self care these past few months. It very clearly showed in my favorites video, for one, and also in my other videos and blog posts as well. 

I will be featuring things that I am enjoying monthly but within a more eclectic range. Beauty has always been such a fun part of my well being and of course it's a  must at Eclectic Alu. However, more lifestyle things are making its entrance as my channel guides itself into what it was originally intended to be: an eclectic magazine style venue, with ideas and tips, but with psychology and self care as the source of everything I choose to feature. 

I hope you find it interesting and fun. If you do, please subscribe to my channel and like my videos - whenever you do like them of course - because that way I know you are enjoying my content.

The following are some of my favorites:

Big mugs! (joke included in the video)

Face mists.  

Lavender relaxing body oil, and other bits and bobs that make up my well being stash. 

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, May 2, 2018

What is Gaslighting?

When someone manipulates you into questioning your own reality, feelings, and/or actions which in turn makes you doubt about your own sanity. 

Ariel Leve grew up in an environment where gaslighting was the norm, so she developed personality traits that would help her cope with such a caregiver. 

What she never stopped doing was to remain defiant. Whenever her mother told her that whatever she was saying was not real, or didn't happen she'd hold her ground and confront her. She recalls this defense mechanism as key to remain sane.

I'm going to be reviewing all the tactics I know of that emotional manipulators and pathological personalities use in order to control their prey/victim.

I don't like to use the term "victim" because I feel like it entails a no-hope aspect to it. Nevertheless, going through this puts you in such a place. 

However, by learning the tactics toxic people use in order to fulfill their psychological needs, a victim can thrive.

More on this in today's video!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Meeting my Spanish Family for the First Time

A couple of years ago my dad received a phone call from Spain. At the time, he was on vacation in one of Argentina's most beautiful Provinces, Córdoba, completely unaware of the emotionally charged news that this phone call had in store for him. 

He soon found out that his grandfather's nieces and nephews were tracing the family tree trying to reach the lost uncle's offspring who had emigrated from Puente del Congosto, Spain to Argentina in search of greener pastures during a very harsh post war period. 

As for those brothers and sisters, who stayed in Spain, they never stopped missing the long gone sibling, so they made a point of finding us! 

Soon after that phone call, my parents flew to Salamanca, Spain, to meet my father's newly found family. After assessing physical and personality related similarities over big laughs and seriously amazing food, they became very close in a matter of days.  

A few years passed since then, and now, I had the opportunity to meet them as well. So you can imagine my excitement when I met my relatives there. 

My thoughts and glimpses of this gorgeous place are in the following vlog. 

Have you got relatives living in different countries than your own?

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Crème de la Crème

I was recently tagged by Sarah The Retro Antiager to do a video about my Beauty Brand Superstars. It's a tag where you select la crème de la crème in each brand and from your stash of products. Thank you Sarah for tagging me!  

Needless to say I had the best time filming this one. Hello skincare and beauty enthusiast. 

On top of that, I used my newest camera a Canon 77D with new microphone and Sigma lens! Considering I already love editing, this was the cherry on top.

There are more brands like Lancome in this video, but here are some of my picks.

I recently started using this Embryolisse primer. It's perfect for dry skin so, inspite of it being for all skin types I find that in the summer it can get a bit too much, but for winter it's perfect. 

My beloved La Roche-Posay sunscreen above.

Favorite hand cream of all time by Caudalie. If you see this one, get it!

The Caudalie beauty elixir is everything I hoped for and more. Refreshing, which makes it great for summer, hydrating, and soothing. And the fragrance is divine. Plus there's something so special about splashing something called "elixir" on your face, kudos to Caudalie's marketing department!