Sunday, May 14, 2017

Benefits of Ginger Tea


Near the end of  my weekly vlog I lost my voice! I woke up Friday morning with "that" voice and continued with my day as usual. However, little did I know that the woman that sells my kids school uniforms would be the one who'd help me with the cure! She told me that ginger tea was considered a natural remedy to get your voice back. Did you know? I didn't!

So, off I went to get my ginger tea. 

As I type this post, I'm happy to report that my voice is almost fully here! So I guess it worked.  

That's the scoop for today's post. If you are curious about how "that" voice sounded (not good) it's all at the end of today's vlog... Have a great week!

Do you know of any teas that help with other ailments? 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Eye Candy: Leather Handbags

After debating for some time, I decided to show you the bags I currently have for sale and explain how I ended up with these beauties. Thankfully, I did film this video that specific day because the day after, I lost my voice! Yup! Still sound like an out of tune flute...not cool at all.

Anyways, I'd had a hard time parting with one of the Birkin like handbags when I sold it a while back, so the one you see in the picture above stays with me, I'm keeping it, yay!

I hope you enjoy this haul!


P.S. My eBay corner of the internet where you can find the black bag and the blue one for sale!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Ritual of Making a Good Cup of Coffee

In today's vlog I show bits of Buenos Aires, talk about inflation, yoga, and my handbag business. However my favorite part can be found at minute 6:28 which is when I show you how I make my coffee. Ahh there's nothing like a good cup of Joe! Although tea comes close!

I hope you like this video and enjoy witnessing the process of creating a business from scratch with me while being a mom!

How do you drink your coffee?

Friday, May 5, 2017

What's in my Makeup Bag

I saw there was a tag on YouTube that I actually wanted to film so here it is!

I emptied the never ending contents of my makeup bag just like a magician would with his hat. That little Caudalie makeup bag can fit a tonne inside!

There's also one drugstore eyeliner that I urge you not to buy. It's one of those eye hurting eyeliners that have no pigment at all. And, it broke while I was filming, what a great excuse to throw it away.

I hope you enjoy the video!


P.S. Do you have any of these makeup products in your makeup bag?

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Weekly Handbags Update

This week was very important in defining measurements and also deciding on the leather that I will be using for the handbags.

I'm very happy with the leather colors I picked because all I want for this collection is to be elegant and with excellent quality materials, but also to be functional, comfortable, and chic! Wow, very high standards, ha ha! I really want these bags to be the ones you reach for every time. The ones that save the day or the night. I want them to be practical as well as beautiful. 

I also show you some beautiful fall trees, my weekly manicure and chat a bit during the school run.

I hope you enjoy and consider subscribing to my channel for weekly videos.

Thank you for watching!


P.S. What was your favorite leather sample color?

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Optimism Protects our Brain

As you may already know, I'm a Professional Counselor and this blog is not always about makeup, fashion and handbags. Although I really like those lovely topics, I also enjoy a psychological update from time to time.

Today I talk about optimism and how it ends up being a self fulfilling prophecy. It's a scientific fact that optimism is linked to less health problems and a longer life. If optimism is our ally why not introduce it into our daily lives. 

Here's how to do so.

P.S. Mindfulness

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Fall is Here & Handbags Are Finally in The Making

Just a quick business update to let you know that everything is starting to shape up. Excitement levels are rising! We'll see what next week brings.

Thank you for watching!

P.S. I'm also excited about fall fashion, yay! 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

How To Apply Face and Eye Cream

In this video you will find a demonstration on how to apply face cream and eye cream. It also comes with a sleeping dog (Flopy) and a face mask review! :)

I hope you have fun watching and that you consider subscribing to my channel

Thank you for watching!