Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Healthy Banana Bread Recipe ( better than the classic one...)

This past weekend I decided to play chef and came up with my own banana bread recipe. I was very proud of myself up until I took it out of the oven. 

The banana bread, which looked very pretty on my Instagram, was actually too flat. It tasted good so we ate it but then realized I had forgotten to add baking powder, among other things...moving on, moving on...

Yesterday, I went back to the basics and did the right thing. "The right thing" or person, I should say, has a name and a website: Stephanie Jaworsky at Her recipe is perfect. I had made it before and my family ate it during the course of an afternoon. So, I made it again. It turned out as expected, deliciously balanced and perfect.

To me, it's the best recipe I've encountered so far because it calls for yogurt, canola oil instead of butter, cinnamon and all those good things that I like. Plus, I love listening to Stephanie on YouTube. She seems so warm and sweet. She also gives the exact quantities in grams as well as in cups, which is always a plus. Here she is...

Which one is your favorite, the low fat or the classic one? Starting next week I will be posting healthy recipes for little picky eaters, do you have anyone like that at home?

P.S. The best lemon brownies and Homemade Popcorn.

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