Friday, June 1, 2018

Taking Selfies Doesn't Make You a Narcissist - WORLD NARCISSISTIC ABUSE AWARENESS DAY

Today is World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day (WNAAD) and I filmed a video that I've had on my mind for a long time. "Taking Selfies Doesn't Make You a Narcissist". 

There are 9 personality traits that serve as a guide for Counselors and Therapists to diagnose this disease. Let me be very clear. Taking selfies is not one of them. It is not even an indicator in an of itself. Does it suggest grandiosity? It could, but does it suggest mind games, emotional and sometimes physical abuse, emotional manipulation, projection, lying, and lack of empathy? I don't think so.

A person with Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) can damage others terribly. It is rarely treated because, by definition, it's practically impossible. So, what do we need to do? Focus on prevention and effective treatment for the victims of abuse. 

Therapists and survivors all over the world are joining together today, June 1st, to raise awareness about this, and to provide free tools for both, survivors, and professionals. 

WNAAD says:

While many mental health professionals have an understanding of the definition of narcissism, few truly understand what it does to the victim of the abuse.

Narcissistic abuse can cause mental, cognitive and physical health issues for victims, which can last for years after they escape an abusive relationship. Many victims develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or complex PTSD and the road to recovery is long and difficult.

In today's video I explain why taking selfies doesn't make you a Narcissist, and invite you to learn about the ways you can protect yourself from emotionally abusive people.

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